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The Risen Savior Brings Peace!

4/8/2018 Pastor Heyn  John 20:19-31 

"Why Do You Look for the Living Among the Dead?"

4/1/2018 Pastor Heyn  Luke 24:4-8 

"Do You Hear What These Children Are Saying?"

3/25/2018 Pastor Heyn  Matthew 21:12-17 

The Way of the Cross Is the Only Way to See God's Glory

3/18/2018 Pastor Heyn  John 12:20-33 

The Way of the Cross Is the Only Way of Eternal Life and Light!

3/11/2018 Pastor Heyn  John 3:14-21 

The Way of the Cross Means Zeal for Our Father's House

3/4/2018 Pastor Heyn  John 2:13-22 

The Way of the Cross Involves Loss of Life.

2/25/2018 Pastor Heyn  Mark 8:31-38 

The Way of the Cross: The Trail Has Been Blazed by Jesus

2/18/2018 Pastor Heyn  Mark 1:12-15 

A Glimpse of Glory for the Servant of the Lord

2/11/2018 Pastor Heyn  2 Kings 2:1-12a 

Epiphany Miracles with a Purpose!

2/4/2018 Pastor Heyn  Mark 1:29-39 

Jesus Is Revealed by His Authority

1/28/2018 Pastor Heyn  Mark 1:21-28 

Drop Everything and Go Fishing!

1/21/2018 Pastor Heyn  Mark 1:14-20 

"Speak, LORD, for Your Servant Is Listening."

1/14/2018 Pastor Heyn  1 Samuel 3:1-10 

God's Midnight Rescue Mission

1/7/2018 Pastor Heyn  Acts 16:25-34 

The Joy in Seeing the Little Lord Jesus!

12/31/2017 Pastor Heyn  Luke 2:25-40 

The Angelic Announcement Demonstrates God's Grace.

12/24/2017 Pastor Heyn  Luke 1:26-38 

What Do You Want for Christmas?

12/17/2017 Pastor Heyn  John 1:6-8, 19-28 

Make Proper Christmas Preparations.

12/10/2017 Pastor Heyn  Mark 1:1-8 

Now Is the Time to Prepare!

12/3/2017 Pastor Heyn  Mark 13:32-37 

No Other Name (Christ the King Sunday/Solus Christus)

11/26/2017 Pastor Heyn  Acts 4:1-12 

Get Ready for the Bridegroom!

11/19/2017 Pastor Heyn  Matthew 25:1-13 

Are You a Sheep or a Goat?

11/12/2017 Pastor Heyn  Matthew 25:31-46 

In the Word Alone Do We Find Our Salvation in the Branch (Reformation 2)

11/5/2017 Pastor Heyn  Jeremiah 23:1-6 

What Does This Mean? (Reformation 500)

10/29/2017 Pastor Heyn  Romans 3:21-25a, 27-28 

Live as Citizens of Heaven!

10/22/2017 Pastor Heyn  Philippians 3:12-21 

Which of the Sons Are You?

10/15/2017 Pastor Heyn  Matthew 21:28-32 

The Most Amazing Miracle in the Life of Jonah

10/8/2017 Pastor Heyn  Jonah 4:5-11 

The Christian Faith, One Word at a Time - Love

9/24/2017 Pastor Heyn  Romans 13:1-10 

Being Rich Toward God

9/17/2017 Pastor Dan Basel  Luke 12:13-21 

The Christian Faith, One Word at a Time - Awe

9/10/2017 Pastor Heyn  Romans 11:33-36 

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